Sound of waiting (27.07.07)

Your voice with million and one color
right here flying to my ear.
Makes me happy like a little child with just one dollar
and his tears when it disappears.

The whisper of your deepest thoughts
sounds like an abuzzing bee .
I’m just like thousands of confined swords
which want to be free.

Remembering a very special out of so many songs.
Its phrases and its importance for you.
Then you’ll understand where my heart belongs.
I’m just sitting here with nothing to do.

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Just my cup (20.03.07)

When I take my head up from my pillow.
And open my eyes right for a big show.
Hope you’re lying here right next to me.
Waving in your arms like in an old mans tree.

Remembering your „one-man“-show,
it let me smile and let me grow.
Wondering how sweet you are
you are so near and are so far.

Lying here and think about
what sound is in my head so loud.
What makes me strong for waking up
is just you – filling my tea cup.

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